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The lifespan of pieces of content on channels such as Twitter and Linkedin is very limited, as they receive only a small amount of airtime and do not reach wide audiences (unless you are a well-known and very well-established brand or content channel). If you post an amazing article on Linkedin or Twitter, the only people who will see it are those who are online at that particular moment and those who will be over the next couple of hours, depending on how busy their updates page is. Exactly how many people will see your article is hard to work out, but we can safely say that it won’t reach all your network, which means it is a good idea to post the article again the next day, so that more people can see and read your content. A lot of businesses won’t do that, simply because they feel they are spamming their network. And the reason for that is they treat all social media channels like their personal Facebook accounts.

People who follow your business on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin do that because they are interested in your content. So if they read your content once and then see it again, they don’t treat it as spam. Usually they understand that all you are doing is sharing your content so that more people can read it. If they don’t like what you are posting, they unfollow or ignore it. This is not personal, it’s just business.

Facebook for personal use and Facebook for business are two different things. If we take a picture/selfie and post it on our personal profile, our network will not be very happy to see the same picture every day, and that is why we post those only once. But when we share our content on business social media accounts, or professional networks such as Linkedin, our audience accepts that we are doing that for business reasons.