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Data have swept into every industry and business function and is now a key factor of production, alongside labor and capital. For the recruiter, taking the time to obtain relevant data and create insight from it enables you to demonstrate your understanding of the market, establishing your credibility and authority to clients thus positioning your business as a trusted industry leader.

Identifying trends and insights is the closest alternative we have to predicting the future. In business, it is no longer acceptable to base actions on pure instinct, which are often subjective. Instinct has let plenty of strategists down at crucial points. Vacancy Data-driven insights and analytics are already being leveraged across the industry, taking away some of the guesswork involved in decision making.

Disrupting technologies affect the employment market more than ever before. New programming languages evolve and now are required in both new and traditional professions. Roles which never required extensive technical skills now have to be proficient in SQL, R, and Python etc. Machine learning and AI are now part of everyday development in many businesses. It is no longer a privilege of big corporations to develop robots. Start-ups create a dynamic atmosphere where established businesses have to keep up in order to survive.

Also Big Data has its impact. Big data has brought the market to an inflexion point, causing massive disruption*:
• 64% of companies believe that big data is changing traditional business boundaries;
• 58% expect to face increased competition from start-ups enabled by data;
• 24% of companies report disruption from new competitors moving into their industry.

Recruiters as thought leaders can benefit from Market Intelligence when it shows them where new or underserved opportunities are. So for example, when they learn about a growing technology (FinTech, BioTech etc.), or a new company moving to the UK. Let’s consider a recruitment agency that wants to become a thought leader within its niche. With businesses constantly evolving, technology revolutionizing not only hardware and software but every sphere of life including jobs.

With massive automation taking place within businesses a requirement for new skillset has emerged, it is no longer enough to know just SQL, instead languages like R and Python are a must. For the recruitment agency to appear as a thought leader, the consultants have to do a lot more than merely adjust some job posts and research some CVs.

To become a thought leader in this situation, the recruitment agency needs to analyse what roles employers want/need now, where gaps have occurred and what is needed in order to fill them. In that the recruiter faces two markets (clients and candidates) they have to consider what skills are required from candidates in order to make placements.

The recruiters must determine just how automation will impact various clients and candidates. Furthermore, the recruitment agency should develop distinctive insights and actionable planning strategies based on the market requirements. There have to be recommendations attached to the analysis that can prove beneficial to the both clients and candidates.

It’s critical that the recruitment agency communicates that it’s the go-to expert concerning these distinctive insights and actionable strategies. As the go-to expert, the recruitment agency will have effective way to engage with candidates, do more business with current clients and attract new clients.

To answer the questions: how to obtain those distinctive insights? Where this analysis comes from? The answer is vacancy data and the Market intelligence solutions which it can provide. In Vacancysoft, using vacancy data we can identify emerging markets, to help with strategic planning.

Analysis of Vacancy Data can help with candidate generation. There are candidate shortages in high skilled markets. Vacancysoft can help through generating content for branding to induce engagement from candidates.

Vacancysoft products can help with pitching, so to help recruiters win PSL pitches by providing extensive client maps. Our belief is that when information on company hiring is aggregated, it becomes possible to see what changes are happening within that industry. Therefore we conduct extensive data analysis, identifying key emerging trends for both specific niches and generalist roles.

Written and published for Vacancysoft