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One of the many ways in which we work with clients is helping them with business planning and resource allocation. Expanding a business is expensive, and the lead-time required before seeing a return on investment can be lengthy. Our BI unit has extensive experience helping businesses to optimise their planning in order to help them make data-driven decisions. 

Recent examples of this include:

  • A specialist tax recruitment company was looking into setting up a legal recruitment division. They had already started canvassing for jobs and sourcing candidates but only had two consultants, so optimising was all important. We identified for the client which types of roles were most in demand so their consultants could focus on sourcing people for the areas where there was the greatest competition for candidates.
  • A leading pharmaceuticals recruitment company was expanding into Asia-Pac. We analysed activity in the region to show how much activity there was, which locations had the highest concentrations of activity and what the average salaries would be. With that information they were able to plan how the consultants in their new office should be focused.
  • A major RPO was going to pitch to become the exclusive provider for a major multi-national. We were asked to, in just 48 hours, map out overall market activity and how vacancy activity at the company compared to its peer group across Europe, so they would be able to properly understand the client’s needs during the pitch process.

Recorded since 2006, our unique data sets facilitate a quantitative approach to business strategy. Vacancysoft has successfully worked with organisations of all sizes and are uniquely positioned to provide high grade solutions to help you expand your business